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Varaschin Outdoor Therapy

Rediscover history to create the future. Since 1969, the combination of ancient craftsmanship and modern aesthetic solutions has distinguished the reality of Varaschin, a Venetian company leader in outdoor furniture. The weave, initially of rattan and wicker and subsequently of synthetic materials and more suitable for the exterior, has always been the soul of the Varaschin production, which over the years has risen to an unmistakable stylistic trait and a guarantee of quality.
The outdoor collections are signed by the most prestigious names of Italian and international design. Each product line has its own history and distinctive trait, but the reinterpretation of the graphic sign of the plot represents a company constant that unites and harmonizes.
Attention to detail, originality and aesthetic refinement are other fundamental characteristics of Varaschin creations, which make them unique, refined and elegant. The vision of a harmonious single space inspires furnishings that suggest the expansion and fusion of the external environment with the internal one, in a balanced game between lightness and comfort.