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Slide Design

Design is inspiration, surprise, joy. It is the amazement to see something unique for the first time. It means creating spaces to feel good and live surrounded by beauty. Design is giving a personal touch to indoor and outdoor spaces and choosing your own ideal element that is the perfect landscape of emotions and experiences, which become unforgettable memories. Giò Colonna Romano knows it well, when he founded SLIDE in 2002: his fancy fantasy matches perfectly with his thirty-year know how in the processing of plastic resins. The first note of amazement is the luminous furniture, which immediately became a must-have in the world of events. Since 2015, his son Marco Colonna Romano has taken over the company with his father’s same desire to grow and innovate. Thanks to a new spirit and the team of young people that work with him, SLIDE has become a beloved company for outdoor furniture: architects and interior designers from all over the world have fallen in love with the new ideas, shapes, materials and tactile textures.